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Welcome to the Mokelumne Wilderness Volunteers website.  We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to Enhance your wilderness experience through Engagement and Education.  A wilderness is a special and fragile place worthy of our protection for now and future generations.


Our Mission

Our goal is to support the 1964 Wilderness Act which has designated more than 800 locations in the United States as having the highest level of environmental protection.  Allowing these areas to retain their natural character and influence without permanent human habitation is of utmost importance to the Mokelumne Wilderness Volunteers.

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Our Wilderness

There are four character traits for a Wilderness which a 1964 Congressional Act aims to maintain or improve: 1) Remain without significant human influence, allowing natural processes to occur without interference; 2) Have natural flora and fauna; 3) Remain undeveloped without human-made structures, signs, and designated campsites as much as possible, 4) offer opportunities for solitude and outdoor recreation alone.

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Our Team

Wilderness areas are managed by four federal agencies: the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or the Bureau of Land Management.  The Mokelumne Wilderness Volunteers are part of the U.S. Forest Service and are managed by the Amador Ranger district in Pioneer, California.

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Our Work

We are committed to the ongoing maintenance of trails and resources in and around the Mokelumne Wilderness.  This includes trail monitoring, trail clearing, visitor engagement regarding the importance of wilderness regulations the local resources, flora and fauna identification, solitude monitoring of various wilderness areas and many other related elements of general wilderness maintenance.

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We would love to have you join our group of dedicated stewards of our special wilderness area.   All you need is a desire to care for our environment and time to spend out on the trails.  For additional information please drop us an email at this link:   I’d Like to Help!

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Our Team

Our volunteer organization is based out of the Amador Ranger District station in Pioneer, CA.  For more information please call the station at 209-295-4251.

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